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CFP® Certification Examination
Review Programs

The live review was great and the education is worth every penny!!
– Nathan B.

Program Summary:

Once you have met the educational requirements, prepare for the CFP® Certification Examination with our guaranteed review programs.

Using our proven exam review programs and their test-centered, problem-solving curricula that incorporate multiple-choice questions and case studies, you can be among the 86% of our students who pass the CFP® Certification Examination on their first try. You’ll gain the skills and expertise you need to take the exam with confidence. The College offers a complete line of proven study materials designed to help you apply the concepts you have learned to successfully pass the CFP® Certification Examination, including:

CFP® Certification Examination Review Tools
Online Instructor-led Review Course

(5 weeks)

Delivered via our online virtual-classroom platform, this interactive review meets 3 times per week for 5 weeks. The review covers all 6 major topic areas for the CFP® Certification Examination in great detail and places a strong focus on practice questions, case studies, and major concepts. All sessions are recorded and can be reviewed at a later date on your PC or tablet. All study materials are included.

On-Ground Instructor-led Review Course

(1 week)

This 5-day classroom-based review is held in Denver a month prior to each CFP® Certification Examination test date. The College’s expert professors will cover each of the 6 major examination topic areas and focus on preparation for the examination itself. All study materials are included.

Self-Study Review Course

The Self-Study Review Course contains printed synopses of each of the CFP® Certification Professional Education Program topic areas and two practice exams that are similar in structure to the CFP® Certification Examination. Utilizing the case studies and practice exams provided in this course will help you become familiar with the format of the exam.

Online Examination Test Bank

The Online Examination Testbank offers you more than 1,000 questions in a variety of tests to help you prepare for the CFP® Certification Examination. It contains two pre-tests with 100 questions that will help assess subject areas in which you need additional review, practice exams covering all five content areas, and three comprehensive case studies that are similar to those in the CFP® Certification Examination.

Multiple-Choice & Case Review Workbooks

There are five workbooks containing 100+ multiple-choice questions linked to specific learning objectives from the CFP® Certification Examination and a case analysis workbook with three full and ten mini cases.


We also offer special pricing bundles for our review programs and products. Contact us at
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Both the Online and Denver classroom reviews are held 3 times per year prior to each CFP® Certification Examination.

Upcoming Dates:

A detailed schedule can be found here: CFP® Certification Examination Review Schedule

We're so confident that you'll pass the CFP® certification examination that we guarantee our interactive reviews. If you attend either our Online Instructor-led Review Course or On-Ground Instructor-led Review Course and don't pass the exam, we'll allow you to take another review of your choosing at no additional charge!

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