Claim Your Digital Badge and Share Your Professional Designation

Claim Your Digital Badge and Share Your Professional Designation

The College is proud to provide Digital Badges to our current and future designees! Digital badges are an exciting new way for you to share your professional accomplishments with others online.

Designees can proudly share and display their accomplishment via social media, e-mail, discussion forums, and personal websites quickly and easily. Friends, colleagues, and even potential employers can learn more about your designation in a single click. Plus, digital badges provide independent third-party authenticity verification via Acclaim, the industry benchmark.CFFP Badge Image

Badges are available for all of the following designations: AAMS®, ADPA®, APMA®, AWMA®, CMFC®, CRPC®, CRPS®, RP®, and MPAS®.

If you hold any of the following designations, you can claim your digital badge via eCampus today.

Visit http://www.cffpinfo.com/digital-badge/ to learn more.

How to Claim Your Digital Badge

If you are a graduate of the College for Financial Planning and would like to claim your digital badge, visit CFFP.edu and login to your student account.  There is a link to claim your digital badge on the right sidebar of your student home page. Once you click the Claim Your Badge at Acclaim link you will be directed to create an account at Acclaim and will then be able to claim your badge and begin sharing it.

Example of how to claim your digital badge from student home page at CFFP.edu