Chartered Mutual Fund Counselor℠

Professional Designation Program


Program Summary:

The Chartered Mutual Fund CounselorSM or CMFC® designation is the only industry-recognized mutual fund designation.

The College collaborated with the Investment Company Institute (ICI), the primary trade organization for the mutual fund industry to create the program in 1996. The CMFC® program provides you with a thorough knowledge of mutual funds and their various uses as investment vehicles.

Why choose the CMFC® Program?

  • CMFC® graduates report yearly increases to their earnings, job satisfaction, and number of clients.
  • The CMFC® is nation’s only industry-recognized mutual fund credential.
  • There are more than 6,500 CMFC® graduates and the program is widely recognized and encouraged by many top financial firms.
  • Graduates of the CMFC® program qualify to test out of up to 1/3 of our CFP Certification Professional Education Program.

Because of the CMFC® program, I am now able to compare funds based on their past, present, and future directions. I have confidence in my knowledge of the various funds and in my ability to communicate that knowledge to clients. – Jan W

Course Topics:

  • Introduction to Mutual Funds
  • Open- & Closed-End Funds: Types & Characteristics
  • Other Packaged Investment Products
  • Risk/Return: Part I
  • Risk/Return: Part II
  • Asset Allocation
  • Selecting a Mutual Fund for a Client
  • Retirement Planning
  • Ethics, Integrity & Professional Conduct

Course Details:

The CMFC® program is delivered via the College’s exclusive MyChoice learning platform. Students typically complete their studies within 9-11 weeks. The CMFC® curriculum is worth 45 hours of continuing education credit with some organizations.