Chartered Mutual Fund Counselor℠

Professional Designation Program


Program Summary:

The Chartered Mutual Fund CounselorSM or CMFC® designation is the only industry-recognized mutual fund designation.

The College collaborated with the Investment Company Institute (ICI), the primary trade organization for the mutual fund industry to create the program in 1996. The CMFC® program provides you with a thorough knowledge of mutual funds and their various uses as investment vehicles.

Why choose the CMFC® Program?

  • CMFC® graduates report yearly increases to their earnings, job satisfaction, and number of clients.
  • The CMFC® is nation’s only industry-recognized mutual fund credential.
  • There are more than 6,500 CMFC® graduates and the program is widely recognized and encouraged by many top financial firms.
  • Graduates of the CMFC® program qualify to test out of up to 1/3 of our CFP Certification Professional Education Program.

Because of the CMFC® program, I am now able to compare funds based on their past, present, and future directions. I have confidence in my knowledge of the various funds and in my ability to communicate that knowledge to clients. – Jan W

Course Topics:

Module 1. Introduction to Mutual Funds

Chapter 1. History & Growth of the Mutual Fund Industry

Chapter 2. What is a Mutual Fund?

Chapter 3. Mutual Fund Regulation

Chapter 4. Mutual Fund Organization

Chapter 5. Mutual Fund Distribution

Chapter 6. Mutual Fund Taxation

Chapter 7: Mutual Fund Pricing

Chapter 8: Mutual Fund Expenses

Chapter 9: Mutual Fund Services

Chapter 10: Reading a Mutual Fund Statement

Module 2. Open- & Closed-End Funds: Types & Characteristics

Chapter 1. Types of Open-End Funds & Their Securities

Chapter 2. Closed-End Funds

Chapter 3. Sources of Fund Information

Module 3. Other Packaged Investment Products

Chapter 1. Unit Investment Trusts

Chapter 2. Variable Annuities

Chapter 3. Mutual Fund Wrap Fee Program

Chapter 4. Fund-of-Funds

Chapter 5. Offshore Funds

Module 4. Risk/Return: Part I

Chapter 1. Definitions & Types of Risk

Chapter 2. Quantitative Measures of Risk

Chapter 3. Risk Reduction Methods & Strategies

Module 5. Risk/Return: Part II

Chapter 1. Types of Returns

Chapter 2. Computing Rates of Return

Chapter 3. Historic & Expected Returns

Module 6. Asset Allocation

Chapter 1. Asset Allocation

Chapter 2. Implementing an Asset Allocation Plan

Chapter 3. Portfolio Optimization

Chapter 4: Portfolio Rebalancing

Chapter 5: Portfolio Reallocation

Module 7. Selecting a Mutual Fund for a Client

Chapter 1. Client Suitability

Chapter 2. Establishing Financial Goals

Chapter 3. Meeting Clients’ Needs

Chapter 4. Selecting a Mutual Fund

Module 8. Fiduciary, Ethical, and Regulatory Issues for Advisors

Chapter 1. History of U.S. Financial Regulation

Chapter 2.  Forces Changing Financial Services

Chapter 3. The Fiduciary Standard

Chapter 4. Formal Ethical Codes and the Investment Professional

Course Details:

The CMFC® program is delivered via the College’s exclusive MyChoice learning platform. The CMFC® curriculum is worth 28 hours of continuing education credit with some organizations.

Students typically complete their studies within 9-11 weeks, although your completion time may be faster or slower than the duration cited.

To complete the program, students have to successfully pass the course’s final exam at one of our approved testing centers: PSI,  Prometric , or ISO Quality Testing. The first examination is included as part of your enrollment. Subsequent examination attempts are $100 each. Students must  attempt the exam within six months of enrollment and have one year to complete the program. Full enrollment details can be found here.

Additional requirements exist to obtain and maintain authorization to use the designation.

Live Course Dates

The next live course will be offered during these dates. Remember that you can enroll and begin at any time using pre-recorded course lectures.

  • Tue

    CMFC Online Program

    Our online instructor-led eCampus at

    Classes meet each Tuesday.

  • Tue

    CMFC Online Program

    Our online instructor-led eCampus at

    Classes meet each Tuesday.

A complete list of classes can be found here.