Chartered Retirement Plans Specialist℠

Professional Designation Program

PFP578: Retirement Plan Studies


Program Summary:

The Chartered Retirement Plans Specialist℠ or CRPS® designation is the nation’s premier credential focusing on retirement plan administration. Master the process of designing, installing, and maintaining company retirement plans while earning this unique designation.

Why choose the CRPS® Program?

I found the CRPS® program to be an excellent, comprehensive course that covered the basics of retirement planning and helped me increase my knowledge of concepts such as Defined Benefit Plans and 457 Plans. At my suggestion, this course will be mandatory for all associates at my firm who aspire to become Retirement Specialists. – Anne F.

Course Topics:

Module 1. Types & Characteristics of Retirement Plans

Chapter 1. Retirement Plans: The Big Picture

Chapter 2. Qualified Plans

Chapter 3. Rules & Provisions of Qualified Plans

Chapter 4. Nonqualified Plans

Chapter 5. Small-Employer Plans

Chapter 6. Plans for Nonprofit Organizations

Module 2. Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs)

Chapter 1. Basic Features & Benefits

Chapter 2. Types of IRAs

Chapter 3. Rollovers

Chapter 4: Distributions

Module 3. SEP, SIMPLE & SARSEP Plans

Chapter 1. The Simplified Employee Pension (SEP)

Chapter 2. SIMPLE Plans

Chapter 3. SEP vs. SIMPLE

Chapter 4. SARSEPs

Module 4. Defined Contribution Plans

Chapter 1. An Overview of Defined Contribution Plans

Chapter 2. Profit Sharing Plans

Chapter 3. Stock Bonus Plans

Chapter 4. Employee Stock Ownership Plans

Chapter 5. Money Purchase Plans

Chapter 6. Target Benefit Plans

Chapter 7: Age-Weighted Profit Sharing Plans

Chapter 8: Cross-Tested Profit Sharing Plans

Chapter 9: Defined Contribution Plans Compared

Module 5. 401(k) Plans

Chapter 1. Basic Characteristics

Chapter 2. Types of Plans

Chapter 3. SIMPLE 401(k) Plans

Chapter 4. Plan Decision Factors

Chapter 5. Case Analysis

Chapter 6. Safe Harbor 401(k) Plans

Module 6. Defined Benefit Plans

Chapter 1. Basic Characteristics

Chapter 2. Cash Balance Pension Plans

Chapter 3. Defined Benefit vs. Defined Contribution

Chapter 4: Determining Retirement Benefits

Chapter 5: Funding Defined Benefit Plans

Chapter 6: Case Analysis

Module 7. Nonprofit Organization & Government Plans

Chapter 1. 403(b) Plans

Chapter 2. 403(b) & 401(k) Plans Compared

Chapter 3. 457 Plans

Module 8. Qualified Plan & IRA Distributions

Chapter 1. Distributions From Qualified Plans

Chapter 2. Preretirement Distributions

Chapter 3. Distributions During Retirement

Chapter 4. Rollovers

Chapter 5. Penalties: Too Late, Too Little

Chapter 6. Distribution at Death

Chapter 7. IRA Distributions

Chapter 8. Compliance Issues

Module 9. Plan Design, Installation, Administration & Amendments

Chapter 1. Qualified Plan Appropriateness, Design & Installation

Chapter 2. Plan Administration

Chapter 3. Plan Amendments

Module 10. Plan Establishment, Operation, Investment Objectives, Penalties & Termination

Chapter 1. Qualified Plan Establishment & Operation

Chapter 2. Investment Objectives, Investment Policy & the Role of Trustees

Chapter 3. The Asset Allocation Decision

Chapter 4. Plan Termination

Chapter 5. Penalty Taxes

Chapter 6. Life Insurance Decision Making

Module 11. Fiduciary Issues, Prohibited Transactions, Claims & Examinations

Chapter 1. The Fiduciary

Chapter 2. Prohibited Transactions

Chapter 3. Claims of Plan Participants & Nonparticipants

Chapter 4. IRS and DOL Programs for Resolving Plan Defects

Course Details:

The CRPS® program is delivered via the College’s exclusive MyChoice learning platform. PFP578 and the CRPS® curriculum are worth 3 graduate semester credit hours and up to 28 hours of continuing education credit with some organizations.

Students typically complete their studies within 9-11 weeks, although your completion time may be faster or slower than the duration cited.

To earn the designation, students have to successfully pass the course’s final exam at one of our approved testing centers: PSI,  Prometric , or ISO Quality Testing. The first examination is included as part of your enrollment. Subsequent examination attempts are $100 each. Students must  attempt the exam within six months of enrollment and have one year to complete the program. Full enrollment details can be found here.

In order to maintain a College designation, designees must renew every two years. Cost to renew is currently $95 and covers the renewal cost for one or multiple College designations held.

Live Course Dates

The next live course will be offered during these dates. Remember that you can enroll and begin at any time using pre-recorded course lectures.

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    3:30PM-4:30PM (Mountain)Adobe Connect Online

    Classes meet each Tuesday & Thursday.