Estate Planning Graduate Certificate

12 semester hours of credit (4 courses)

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The College for Financial Planning’s Graduate Certificates provide you with the depth of knowledge necessary in subject areas that are relevant for the true professional, enabling you to not only better serve your clients, but to also have more confidence in the guidance that you do provide. Develop real-world critical thinking and problem-solving skills that are immediately applicable in your practice.

The Estate Planning Graduate Certificate provides a well-rounded approach to the estate planning process, covering a broad range of topics on the graduate level. Each course is eight weeks in length and the certificate can be earned in less than one year. The College for Financial Planning is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and is a member North Central Association. This ensures that all of our graduate programs deliver the highest level of academic rigor possible.

Required Courses:

PFP505 Studies in Estate Planning

Basic estate planning concepts and techniques are covered in this course. Subjects such as the estate planning process, client interaction about estate planning, basic legal estate planning documents, trusts, lifetime transfers, gift and estate taxation, insurance taxation, and charitable giving.

PFP540 Situational Estate Planning

Advanced estate planning topics are covered in this course. Through assignments and discussion questions, students gain knowledge of incapacity planning, mechanisms for handling the gift tax, qualifying for the marital deduction, deductions and exemptions to mitigate the generation-skipping tax, preferred stock recapitalization and business transfer techniques, beneficiary planning, business ownership tax mechanisms, and effective business succession.

PFP580 Issues & Cases in Estate Planning

Examines selected issues related to estate planning in a case study-driven format. These include both tax and non-tax aspects of planning for disability and death.

PFP581: Estate Planning for Retirement Benefits

This course focuses on estate planning for retirement distributions from qualified plans and IRAs, while providing students with essential information regarding tax and other laws that govern retirement benefits and distributions. The use of employer-sponsored retirement plans, IRAs, trusts, and charitable gifts to achieve client goals are covered, as well as other financial planning techniques used to help clients build a financially secure retirement.


3 Credit Hour Courses


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The curriculum is based on a client-centered, problem-solving method using case studies to give you a hands-on approach to the material. The College’s highly qualified faculty is available via telephone or e-mail to support you in your studies.

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