Live Ethics CE (aka. Code of Ethics) Presentation

Live Ethics CE (aka. Code of Ethics) Presentation

Tuesday May 9, 2017

From 1PM until 3PM (MDT)

By Professors Jim Pasztor and David Mannaioni

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This course satisfies CFP Board’s 2-hour Ethics continuing education requirement, and covers the following CFP Board-required topics:

  • Defining elements of the fiduciary standard.
  • Determining when the fiduciary standard applies in a variety of financial planning contexts and scenarios.
  • Determining if a CFP® professional is providing financial planning services or material elements of financial planning services.
  • Explaining CFP Board’s compensation disclosure requirements to clients and prospective clients.
  • Communicating any potential conflicts of interest to a client at the initiation of the client engagement.

This 2-hour Code of Ethics Presentation qualifies for all of the College’s professional designations as well as the CFP® Certification.


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