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The College’s mission is to be the provider of choice for financial education by enabling student learning at a profit, and offering technologically advanced education programs and quality support services to working adults in the financial services industry. Our typical student will offer financial counseling and related services, or implement financial recommendations pertaining to Insurance, Investments, Tax, Retirement, and/or Estate planning.

The College provides learning opportunities to people in all geographic areas through comprehensive programs of study that lead to licensing or certification through individual courses, graduate-level study, and continuing professional development. Learning methods include independent study, blended and mentored study, and classroom instruction, as well as seminars, workshops, and conferences.

Educational Model

Courses are designed based on the skills and knowledge necessary for competent practice. Measurable learning objectives have been developed, classified, and incorporated into the study materials to foster mastery of them.

Maintaining our high standards dictates that instructors carefully select, create, and standardize the instructional materials. Most courses are self-contained learning experiences. The College currently implements its learning model by providing printed study materials, Web-based resources, and instructor support. After completing the required studies, students are given a final examination with formal performance feedback.

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