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Annual Limits

Annual Limits Download a printable reference sheet featuring the yearly Annual Limits Relating to Financial Planning. Information you refer to on a daily basis is now available at a glance with this single page PDF solution. Updates are made at the beginning of each year, so be sure to
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Graduate Programs

Achieve the highest level of expertise possible and master your profession with a Master of Science Degree or Graduate Certificate. We offer 3 Master of Science Degrees and 6 graduate certificates to benefit you in any facet of the financial world.
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About Us

About Us Our Mission The College’s mission is to be the provider of choice for financial education by enabling student learning at a profit, and offering technologically advanced education programs and quality support services to working adults in the financial services industry. Our typical student will offer financial counseling
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Continuing Ed

Already have a financial credential or license and need to meet your continuing education requirement? We’ve got you covered. The College has hundreds of electronic CE courses (including Code of Ethics) to choose from.
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Reasons to enroll at the College

The College for Financial Planning has over 40 years of experience, 140,000 graduates, and a history of successful alumni who have increased both their earnings and their number of clients. Let us help you become one of the nation’s top financial advisors.
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