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Accredited Asset Management Specialist

Portfolio Management Certificate

13 semester hours of credit (5 courses)

The College offers a Graduate Certificate Program in Portfolio Management for students who wish to pursue the highest level of education possible via a structured research-based environment. This program is designed for the true professional, enabling you to not only better serve your clients, but to also have more confidence in the guidance that you do provide. Develop real-world critical thinking and problem-solving skills that are immediately applicable in your practice. Classes last for 8 weeks each and meet 5 times per year.

Required Courses:

1 Credit Hour Course
3 Credit Hour Courses

Student Loans are available

The curriculum is based on a client-centered, problem-solving method using case studies to give you a hands-on approach to the material. The College's highly qualified faculty is available via telephone or e-mail to support you in your studies.


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